Athashri at Bawdhan with 105 units.
Approximate built-up area: 1,07,000 sq.ft.
Cost of project: 8 crore 53 lacs.
Year of Completion: 2005
Brief & Challenges:

The units to be designed to cater to all needs of senior citizens. Plot is on a sloping site with the slope down in the reverse direction of the approach road. Community planning and interaction of flat owners is an important aspect of planning. Existing bungalow should to be retained. On the rear side, the highway is at a distance of 150 m., so sound pollution due to traffic is to be taken care of.

Concept :
The flats are designed, in a 'c' shaped structure, considering the beautiful view of highway on the rear side. To have more interaction, courtyard planning is considered. Maximum number of flats get the view either of proposed garden or hill slopes. To break the monotony of long passages, small lobbies are introduced for each cluster. To avoid the noise of moving vehicles, double walling is proposed to achieve sound insulation in some cases. Common amenities are proposed in the basement facing the rear side to get the maximum view of hill slopes.

Design :
A variety of units (two-room, one & two bedroom units) are designed. Number of units 105 in a ‘C’ shaped layout, units facing the central garden or having the valley view. Existing bungalow is used as lounge and display home. Covered swimming pool is accommodated in basement on rear side. All areas are wheel chair accessible either by lift or ramp. All toilets are specially designed for wheel chair accessibility. The landscaped terrace equipped with kiosks, is an added amenity. The campus is designed as a green building campus, with following factors incorporated in the design and construction process the objectives achieved are to reduce pollution & land development impacts, conserve existing natural areas, reduce site disturbance, minimizing parking lots, reduce pollution & land development impacts, conserve existing natural areas, reduce site disturbance, The building orientation and shape is such that day lighting is maximized and existing trees are protected. Recycling of water is implemented through Sewage treatment plant and water reused for flushing and for landscaped areas.