This project is an out and out commercial venture and the aim was to create an exclusive shopping line that will attract buyers to invest.

Located at Aundh and close to Rakshak Nagar, Kalewadi and Hinjewadi, Westend Plaza has the most convenient location for business. It has a great frontage along the 120 feet D.P. road on both the sides, and 40 feet D.P. road on the southern side. The shopping line is designed to take advantage of the plot adjoining two main roads

A wide, landscaped pedestrian plaza gives direct entry to the shops at ground floor. A few places alongside invite passers to enjoy the comfortable seating and to take a delicious break. The striking modern elevation uses glass and Alco-panels for eye catching display and attractive signage for the shops. A comfortable and enchanting shopping experience is on show.

A delightful dolphin sculpture and a water body at the junction of two roads is the main feature of Westend Plaza. The circular ring above encompasses a beautifully landscaped swimming pool deck, which is an attraction to the overlooking residential towers.