Address / Location: Shirali, Uttar Karnataka
Approx. B/Up Sq. Ft.: 4000
Project Cost in Lakhs: 1.5 crores
USP of the Project: Redevelopment of 300 years old religious place at Shirali in Karnataka, India.
This project is a redevelopment/extension of the religious center of the Chitrapur Saraswat community with the Head office and residence of ‘Mathadhipati’ that is the religious Head of the community. The project had to be completed in phases over a period of three years due to heavy rainfall in the region. The project had to be meticulously planned out for the civil work as well as interior shrines and other interior requirements. This had to be organized without disturbing the daily rituals of the deities. The character of the original structure had to be retained and applied to the extended areas.