Client : Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Pune Kendra.
Approximate built-up area: 55300 sq.ft.
Approximate cost: 4 crores
The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Pune is a unique and novel institution recognized all over the country as a new initiative in the field of science education. The BVB School at Kothrud started in 2002 with kindergarten,was constructed in phases and completed in 2008.

Design Brief:
To design a pre-primary, primary and secondary school with all allied activities on a small triangular shaped plot.

Concept :
The central wing with the courtyard as a spine is planned with two joining arms (wings).

Design : The school is planned around a courtyard, making optimum use of the given odd-shaped plot, also creating a play area on the rear side. The courtyard, the focal point of the central wing, creates a visual axis from the main entry to the rear court and acts as a interactive space for the kindergarten students on ground floor and also helps in adding natural light and cross-ventilation.

The central wing has common areas like the computer lab, library, activity rooms etc. The two wings with separate service cores have classrooms and laboratories placed in such a way that all the rooms get maximum light and ventilation. The circulation of students is given utmost importance. The colour scheme used for the kindergarten expresses the individuality of the classrooms. The ambience created is so pleasing that the kids’ and parents’ reactions to the spaces created are overwhelming.