The NIFT project at Navi Mumbai was a design competition proposal.

To emerge as a centre of excellence and innovation proactively catalyzing growth of fashion business through leadership in professional education with concern for social and human values.

The Project Brief consists preparation of Master Plan consisting of Academic Buildings,400 seat capacity Girls Hostel, Director’s Residence, Guest Rooms, Multipurpose Hall, Bank Extension Counter, Students Canteen, Display Areas, R&D studio, NIFT Design Studio and allied works etc.

The Concept is derived to create a FASHION CHEMISTRY with following principles,
a) Comfort
1.Function: Three functions to be merged together: Auditorium(Public), Institution and Residential Buildings.
2.Culture : Common Interactive space- can be compared to courtyards in our traditional planning.
3.Climate : Hot and Humid climate demands cross ventilation and use of planning elements to lower energy consumption.

b) Aesthetics:
1.Color: Create environment and harmony with the physiology of students.
2.Texture: Bonding with surfaces created by built masses, creating vibrant environment.
3.Form: To create an image to enhance the brand identity.

c) Planning Criteria:
* Easy Linear Circulation pattern.
* Centrally accessible vertical services shafts.
* Single loaded corridors facing the courtyard enhancing the volume of internal spaces.
* Linking of courtyards with a fabric river.
* Ease of movement with proper segregation of pedestrian and vehicular movement.
* Providing daylight to reduce load on electric lighting through large windows including Light shelves, Louvers, Blinds, Fins & Shades to control glare which is necessary for activity like reading.

d) Green Principles:
* Water conservation: Rainwater harvesting is proposed for recycling of water.
* Energy Conservation: Solar panels for residential blocks are proposed for hot water.
* Wind: Utilizing the theory that hot air rises and wind accelerates open ground spaces and patios are introduced into our design to enhance wind flow.
* Shade: As per the study of sun path, window blinds and elevation fin projections have been designed to provide cool shade during the hot daytime.
*Green: Landscaping has been merged with the building by creating a green cover above the parking.

The objective of proposed design is to create a campus environment conducive to creativity.