A residential condominium with 600 apartments
(One bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom and duplex)

Woodland Condominium is the very first eleven-storied residential complex in Pune. The promoter of this residential extravaganza came to us with a green complex in mind, with five times the mandatory open space for greenery, walks, and community get-togethers!

The brief was to make the apartments easy on a middle class pocket, but the interiors should not be space-constrained. To design seven eleven-storied buildings, with a feel of exclusivity! The original owner of the land was to be given a bungalow and there should also be a temple within the complex. Add to this shopping, crèche, badminton hall, clubhouse with library and swimming pool. An elite place within budget. What was more important was that the existing trees were to be retained!

AVA took the challenge and designed the complex while conserving existing natural areas. We also wanted to reduce site disturbance. After surveying the existing eco system we decided on the orientation of the buildings that would provide maximum natural lighting, and compact yet easy parking. With 75% open space, out of which 25% is landscaped, with a beautiful Clubhouse and swimming pool. The colour scheme is in tune with the environment and pleasing. A Badminton hall, Crèche, Tennis court, Basketball court, a temple garden and a children’s play area along with a garden space for the senior citizens is woven into the layout planning, along with an open-air amphitheatre. The residents are blissfully happy and love this "posh" place.